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Your blog post resonated deeply with me as I've had a similar wake-up call regarding the limitations of goals versus the power of systems. I've transitioned towards focusing on systems and integrating intentions into my approach. Your insights align beautifully with what I've learned, especially in exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the concept of valued directions.

Breaking it down into four areas—health, relationships, work, and fun—has been transformative. Setting valued directions within these realms has provided me with a framework to make decisions and gain a broader perspective on life. Through consistent journaling, which your previous posts have inspired as a healthy habit, I stumbled upon an unexpected interest in faith and the divine within the health sphere. This newfound discovery has ignited an energy and drive within me to explore this area further.

At work, embracing my role as an activator has been enlightening, while discovering high-energy pursuits for fun has added a vibrant dimension to my life. Lastly, in relationships, I've aimed to shift from being a peacekeeper to becoming a peacemaker, fostering deeper and more meaningful connections.

Thank you for your insightful posts; they've been instrumental in my personal journey.

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I'd be happy to share them Alis... I think we are connected on LinkedIn, so I'll send it to you there :-)

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Thank you Alis for your beautiful article on intention setting! I too share this ethos.

I use the exercise of ‘completion’ at the end of every year to orient myself to my accomplishments from my previous year, clean up my mental landscape and begin a new slate each year to look deeply into my desires for the coming year. It includes six questions, to be explored in the various domains of life that occupy my time and living. These questions are meant to take us on a journey of reflection that unhitch us from the unseen mischief our thoughts can produce and restore us to a ground of being.

Thank you for your very thoughtful stance and all that you provide to others... I think 2024 has at least one of your workshops in it!

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The jury is out on goal setting theory and I sense there is more flexibility and room to course correct towards an intended destination with intention setting

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