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Cancer as a Developmental Journey

Cancer as a Developmental Journey

Is the metaphor of 'fight' the best way to deal with a life-threatening diagnosis? Belinda Forman has challenged this notion in her own journey with cancer and chose to treat it as a gift instead.

In this emotional conversation, I sit down with my dear friend, Belinda Forman, who shares her profound journey with cancer, not just as a battle to be fought, but as a deeply personal developmental journey. Belinda opens up about the initial shock of diagnosis, the rollercoaster of choices around treatments, and the unexpected pathways to personal growth that emerged from her experience.

Through her story she invites us into a vulnerable exploration of the intersection of health crises and adult development, shedding light on the power of mindset, the importance of facing our mortality, and showing us how we might choose to lean into adversity as a gift of transformative growth. I hope you are as inspired as I was by Belinda’s insights into navigating one of life's toughest challenges with grace, ‘fire’, awareness, resilience, and an open heart, and that you find in this conversation some precious wisdom to bring into your own relationship with adversity.

Episode summary

  • [00:00:00] Kicking off with a deep dive into growing through health challenges.

  • [00:03:11] Belinda opens up about her cancer journey and finding growth amidst adversity.

  • [00:09:58] She touches on the raw deal of facing mortality and the growth it spurred.

  • [00:12:18] Talks about how her views on control and acceptance were turned upside down.

  • [00:18:14] Highlights how a positive mindset and seeing cancer as part of her story helped her heal.

  • [00:35:01] Belinda reflects on the continuous journey of self-discovery and supporting oneself post-crisis.

Useful Resources

  • Belinda’s LinkedIn profile:

  • The meditation Belinda mentions she has found hepful and healing:

Guest Bio: Belinda Forman

Belinda Forman is a seasoned People and Culture professional with a diverse background in coaching, L&D, team experience, and culture development. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Belinda has a passion for helping individuals connect with their purpose and values, empowering them to lead more powerful and fulfilling lives.

Belinda and her husband Matt have spent the last 15 years building and growing business in the tech space. Creating environments where individuals thrive both personally and professionally.

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Vertical Development: How Grown-ups Grow Up
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