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Emotions as Superpowers

Emotions as Superpowers

We often go to great lenghts to avoid feeling our hardest feelings. Dr. Cindy Sholes teaches us to harness their transformative power and recognise them as gateways to life-long growth.


In this episode we dive into the rollercoaster of emotions and how they secretly power our lives. I’m thrilled to learn from Dr. Cindy Sholes, a neuroscientist, coach and co-founder of the rREST™ technique, as we explore "Emotions as Superpowers."

In this chat, Cindy takes us on her personal journey, from the foundational experiences of her early years to her research into neuroscience and her journey into the heart of human emotion. She sheds light on the mysteries of emotional agility and introduces us to the rREST technique – her unique approach to taming emotional stress. We'll explore how our feelings are not just fleeting reactions, but powerful guides that shape who we are and how we navigate the world - how we parent, engage with our life-partners and show up for others (and ourselves) every day.

So, grab a cozy spot and join us for a conversation that I hope will be as enlightening as it is heartwarming. We're not just talking about emotions – we're aiming to discover how they can be our greatest superpowers in this crazy, beautiful and yet often overwhelming journey of life.

Episode summary

[00:02:33] Dr. Cindy shares her neuroscience background and personal experiences.

[00:06:08] Journey from neuroscience to studying emotions and the subconscious.

[00:09:51] Discussion on emotional triggers and the importance of emotional understanding.

[00:17:20] Explanation of emotional agility in adult development.

[00:23:35] Introduction to the rRest technique for managing emotional stress.

[00:33:15] Four reflective questions for better emotional understanding.

[00:41:21] How emotions manifest physically and impact behavior.

[00:51:14] Curiosity as an effective tool for soothing emotions.

[00:56:49] Importance of practice and awareness in emotional regulation.

[00:59:44] Dr. Cindy's vision for emotional mastery and authentic self-expression.

[01:02:31] Summary of key insights and the role of curiosity in emotional growth.

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Guest Bio:

Cynthia (Cindy) Sholes, PhD

Dr. Cindy has dedicated her life to supporting people who want to make a difference in the world by guiding them off of the burnout path dictated by society onto the purpose path assigned to them by their soul.

Trained by Nobel Prize winners at UCSF, a prestigious medical school, Dr Cindy is a neuroscientist, who uses a little bit of magic to guide people to access their personal power and transform their future.  She is the innovator and co-founder of rREST Inc. and was featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today for her 20 years of helping thousands break old emotional patterns to live full-hearted lives. 

She believes when you optimize brain function your authentic self will be freed and empowered to lead a purposeful life.

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Vertical Development: How Grown-ups Grow Up
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